Ferner Yarn

The wool production has been founded in 1906 by Josef Ferner.

In 1954 the factory has been expanded.

Until the acquisition of the company in 1976 by Matthias Ferner senior , wool was only spun from local farmers.

When a year later the company expanded,the focus changed on the sale for hand and machine knitting yarns.

Again, modernizing and extending in 2007 was the key to improve productivity and quality.

Since then, the Wollgarnspinnerei GmbH produces hand and machine-knitting yarns for well-known companies in Austria and Europe.

We tried very hard to keep our equipment and operations up to date in order to expand our offer constantly and to produce consistently high quality.With the construction of our new production facility in November 2009 it was possible for us to make room for new and innovative machines.

Our plant area was expanded from about 500 m2 to about 1500 m2.

Ferner Yarn from Austria